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Rol-aan-rol rol-drukpers op rollen en poeder-sproeimachine

Automatische rol om zeefdrukmachine te rollen

De web-gevoede rol om zeefdrukpers met poedermachine te rollen die wijd in de niet-geweven stoffen en kledingindustrie wordt toegepast.

Terug naar boven etiket Rewinder

Tafelblad Rewinder

De automatische tafelomwikkelaar is een afwikkel- / terugspoel-systeem voor rollen op rol met de mogelijkheid om een ​​bepaald aantal labels te tellen. Het labelopwikkelsysteem 'reel-to-reel', ontworpen voor het tellen en terugwikkelen van labels in een zelfstandig offline proces.

Automatische rol om zeefdrukmachine te rollen

Roll-to-Roll zeefdrukmachine

Dit is een speciaal ontworpen web-gevoede zeefdrukmachine voor flexibele voorraad, in een rol zoals RFID, Electronics-FCB (Flexible Circuits Board), membraanschakelaar, IMD en diffusers, warmteoverdrachtspapier / film, rubberen vulcanisatie, stickers, OPP , PVC, PC, HUISDIER, Plastic Leer, aluminiumfolie enzovoort.

 RFID-rol om zeefdrukmachine te rollen


Deze RFID-drukmachine wordt veel gebruikt op sommige hoognauwkeurige labels zoals RFID-antenne, die zich aanpassen aan de elektronica-industrie. RFID is een afkorting voor Rodia Frequency Identification.

Mini Slitter Rewinder-machine

Automatische terugspoelmachine

Een terugspoelmachine is een machine die is ontworpen om de aflopende rand recht te maken en de grote te scheuren rollen tot kleine rollen.

 Label tegenmachine

Label telmachine

Met de Label Counting Machine kunt u het aantal labels op een rol tellen en synchroon terugspoelen, en ook de richting van de labels omkeren. En de telfunctie inclusief telmeter en telsteen of telnummer.

Wasverzorging Label Drukmachine

Zorg Label Drukmachine

De hele lijn van de afdrukmachine voor verzorgingslabels, inclusief de feeder, printer en droger, de UV-uitharding of IR-uitharding voor een optie.

R2R Hittepers

Roll to Roll-label Druk op

De roll-to-roll labelpers, hulp voor de zeefdrukmachine van rol tot rol, gemak om alle rollabels over te dragen.

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God rewards those who work hard, businessmen need to accumulate their own credit

God rewards those who work hard, businessmen need to accumulate their own credit

2019 has passed and we have made a qualitative leap in business development last year. Sales increased by 56% from $ 1.85 million in 2018 to $ 2.9 million. Due to business expansion, we have also added a new business department office. At the same time, we have also established Vietnam and Taiwan Sales outlets. It is our direction to sell Lingtie machines all over the world. We think that good things must be shared with everyone so that we can progress and keep pace with the times and let everyone share our results. In conclusion, the big business breakthrough last year  is inseparable from the company's strategy and vision. We attach great importance to the cultivation of personnel quality and the grasp of opportunities.  In the cost of the exhibition alone, $ 120,000 was  invested. We also train the technicians in the workshop from time to time to make our product quality more secure and improve our after-sales. In 2020, we met Corona vírus, which delayed our work until 17th Feb, But it can't stop our passion to work from 3rd Feb at home and help customer solve the problems. The epidemic has now been under control, but we can't relax, we still wear masks to work in case no infecting each other until totally no potential risk.  I also thank many customers for their cares. The city we live in is very safe. Our government controls very well, and the situation is already developing in a good direction. Lingtie will be the same, will be better. Orders can be arranged normally now. Please rest assured. We will still keep participating in the exhibition this year. The two exhibitions in Guangzhou that have been reserved have been cancelled due to the epidemic situation. The exhibitions that will be participating later will be announced in advance here. The company is also considering and negotiating foreign exhibitions because our business focus will be on overseas markets. Meanwhile, this year we We will pay more attention to the cultivation of senior technical staff to meet the steady increase in customer volume. We also guarantee that every year there are new research and development products based on customer feedback and needs. "God rewards those who work hard, businessmen need to accumulate their own credit". Lingtie always believe that how far an enterprise can walk, depends on how many new value we  can create and how much we can satisfy customer's demand. Customers in need are welcome to visit our factory and proofing.

Roll-to-sheet snijmachine geëxporteerd naar de hele wereld meer dan 200 sets

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